So you want to learn watercolor painting?!

Awesome! I've designed this course for you!

The complete online watercolor class is designed for the curious creative looking to go from a complete beginner to a watercolor enthusiast. Learn step-by-step everything you need to know to get started painting your own modern watercolor pieces!

Enrolment opens again July 14th

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What you can expect!

Inside this fun and in-depth, online watercolor class, I’ll personally walk you through the entire course.

  • 1

    The Complete Modern Watercolor Painting Course for Beginners

  • 2

    Supplies and How to use them

    • Welcome to Class

    • Supplies and tools Video Lesson

    • Watercolor Paints and how to work with them

    • New! Video for Mixing Watercolor for the Perfect Consistency

    • Brush strokes video lesson

  • 3

    Let's Explore Color and the Color Wheel

    • Color Wheel

    • Painting Transparencies

    • Painting wet-on-wet & dry-on-dry

    • New! Painting Wet-on-Wet Tutorial

    • Painting Color Stories

    • You just finished the first section!

  • 4

    Painting Abstract Watercolor Pieces

    • Let's practice painting abstract pieces!!

    • Abstract Practice Lesson Number 1

    • Abstract Practice Lesson Number 2

    • Abstract Painting Lesson Number 3

    • Abstract Painting Lesson Number 4

    • You've completed the Abstract Painting Section of the class!

  • 5

    Painting Single Stroke Stems and Leaves

    • Using your brushes to paint leaves, stems, and botanicals

    • Painting Single Stems & Adding Variety

    • Dry-on-Dry Painting on Leaves

    • Painting Stems and Adding Depth & Dimension

    • Painting a Stem Adding New Elements & Color

    • Paint a Full Page of Leaves

    • Variegated Leaf Part 1

    • Variegated Leaf Part 2

  • 6

    Painting Modern Florals

    • A Look at Floral Watercolor Examples

    • Painting an Open Flower & Bud

    • Painting a Second Style of Open Floral

    • New! Easy Watercolor Flower Tutorial

    • Painting a Grouping of Peonies

    • Three different ways to paint a peony

    • Use a Filbert to Paint Violet Shaped Florals

    • Adding Detail to a Flower using Dry-on-Dry

  • 7

    Painting Typographical Lettering & Fonts

    • Explore Lettering with Watercolor

    • Painting Block Lettering and Adding Details

    • Adding Serifs and Painting Happy Birthday (I misspelt birthday!!!)

    • Painting Be Kind & Using a Variety of Typography

    • Painting a Very Loose Wreath & Adding the Word Love

  • 8

    Final Tips

    • Some Final Tips to Try

    • How to transform a piece that you don't love

    • Adding some mixed media to existing pieces

    • A few last things to try

  • 9

    BONUS! Playful Mixed-Media Abstracts

    • How to paint an Abstract Mixed Media piece

  • 10

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you!!!

  • 11

    Watercolor Floral Bouquet: Learn about composition, placement & painting

    • Introduction and what you can expect

    • Studying Composition

    • Picking your color story

    • Mixing your colors that you chose

    • How to plan out composition using a Pencil Sketch

    • Sketching in watercolor

    • Painting the Bouquet

    • Watch as I paint the same bouquet in a different style

    • Final thoughts


Here's what students are saying about the course

“Nice, relaxed pace, encouragement offered regularly, a great beginning to watercolour!”


“Really enjoyed this class and learned so much!”



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Life I design was born out of passion to live a creative life and from a desire to design things that suited my personal taste and what I wanted to have around me. I am a work-from-home Mom-preneur! My kids are now 18 and 16 and I am blessed to have the freedom and flexibility to pursue my love for all things creativity and art while I teach others to do the same! I am a huge fan of online learning and it's how I've built life i design these last 7 years so I'm excited to help others learn new skills, fall in love with creativity and start their own home-based business! I hope you join me for a class or two! I am excited to be a part of your personal and creative journey!